Site Opening & Closing Times/Rooms Empty Time on Sunday

The site opens at 14:00 on Wednesday June 14th and closes at 12:00 on Sunday June 18th. Please do not arrive before 14:00 on Wednesday, as we will not be ready to welcome you before that time, and please note the 12:00 departure time on Sunday is firm, the site needs to be able to prepare for their next group arriving later that day.

If you are staying in a bedroom please note the rooms need to be cleared out by 10:00 on Sunday to allow the site cleaning crew to begin cleaning. Please strip the bed and put the used linens in the linen baskets in the hallways.

Travel Information/Pickups & Dropoffs

Please see the travel information for info on how to reach the site. Please note- the bus company has changed the number of the bus that travels to/from Venlo station and the site, it is now number 377. The bus runs every half an hour until ~19:00 on weekdays, then hourly after that until ~23:00, and runs hourly on Saturday and Sunday. We have contacted the bus company and they have confirmed that they run a larger bus on that route on Sunday. Please note on Sunday there are only 3 buses you can take to ensure you are offsite by time - 9:42, 10:42, and 11:42.

Travel information

Due to the size of the event and number of attendees, we are not offering pickups and dropoffs to Venlo train station unless you have medical needs or other limited reasons to need this service- if you need a pickup and/or dropoff, please contact us at with your travel information and any other relevant information as soon as possible, and we will be in touch.

Otherwise we encourage you to ask on the DW mailing list or on Facebook to see if others are traveling at the same time as you and want to book a taxi together or travel together.


The site has informed us that they will be setting up some beehives on site by the time of our event. The hives will only be in one area which we will clearly signpost, and is not near camping or central event activities. If this presents an issue for you and you need to cancel your reservation please urgently let us know at

Please note the site is also surrounded by open water, so children should be monitored closely to ensure their safety.

For those with allergies, please note the site has one cat and many chickens, ducks, and geese.

Meals Info

Meals will be prepared for us by the castle kitchen staff and served buffet style. Please bring feast gear. There will be a station set up for dishwashing. Coffee, tea, and hot water are available 24/7 via machines located around the site.

There is a very large hall (1200m2) where we can all eat together. The site is offering the use of this hall to us in addition to what we agreed to rent, so please note that we are only allowed to use it during mealtimes and for court (the court area and dining area are separated by a large floor-to-ceiling heavy curtain). Please do not use this room outside of these times and for these activities.


In the morning there will be a brunch served during a time period of 1.5 to 2 hours. Brunch will consist of bread and rolls with cheese, meats and sweet spreads, and something warm like an egg dish.

Because prices have risen, and we did not want to raise the originally determined price for the event, the decision was made to serve one brunch instead of a separate breakfast and lunch. Please consider if you want to bring extra food or snacks to keep yourself happily fed until dinner.

Evening meals

Evening meals will be served buffet style during a time period of 1.5 to 2 hours. We are working with the castle kitchen staff to come up with menus using medieval recipes and ingredients. Each meal will consist of a vegetarian main dish and a main dish with meat, some vegetables and salads, bread and another pasta, rice or grain dish and a soup or a dessert.

Due to the size of the event and cost considerations, please note there will not be a multicourse SCA feast on Saturday night. The meal that night will be similar to the previous evenings’ meals described above. We are however looking into how we can make the last dinner of the event a bit more special - stay tuned.

Dietary restrictions

Dietary restrictions will be taken into account in the planning of the menus so that there will be something to eat for everyone in each meal. Due to the size of the event it will not be possible to provide alternatives for each dish. For those who put dietary restrictions on their reservation, THL Hilde will be in touch to give you detailed information closer to the time of the event. If you have not informed us about any dietary restrictions or allergies, please urgently let us know as soon as possible at

Tavern & Alcohol Policy

We will have a tavern at 30 Year! Please see our tavern information for more information, info on the alcohol policy and site requirement re drinking in public bar areas, and the possibility to purchase tavern cards in advance!

Tavern information

Camping & Facilities

Both modern and period tents are allowed (they will be in separate areas.) If you have not yet done so, or your info has changed, please fill out the short questionnaire to allow us to plan the campsite.

Camping questionnaire

Please note no fires at all are allowed in the campsites, whether on the ground, in a firepit, or used for cooking. The site has one large firepit we can use for social fires if we wish. Wood may be retrieved from the surrounding woods.

There is one electricity outlet available in the modern camping - if you plan on using this, please bring a power strip and extension cord so others can also share in using the electricity. There is no electricity available in the period camping area.

Showers and toilets are available in a small building in the campground, you don’t need to walk to the main building for the facilities.

Beginners guide

We’ll be welcoming many people to their first event at 30 Year! If you’re new to the SCA, please have a look at the info in these links to help familiarise you with terminology and what to expect - thank you to the Double Wars team and the ID web team for these lovely resources!

Insulae Draconis newcomers guide Double Wars beginner’s guide