28 Apr 2023

We’re happy to announce there will be a tavern at Drachenwald 30 Year and Coronation, run by Lord Dominic Beniamin and his capable crew! The tavern is set in the oldest part of the castle, with visible castle foundations and brick arches adding to the atmosphere - you can see the tavern here.

The tavern will sell the below (tap beer, wines, and sodas supplied by the site)

  • Gulpener pilsner beer on tap (500mL for 5 euro)
  • Red, white, and rose wine (250 mL for 5 euro, please note most wines are dry, not sweet)
  • Ciders (mix of sweet and dry, sizes/prices to be confirmed as we are still sourcing these)
  • Sodas (1L bottles only, price to be confirmed)

The tavern will run on a stamp card system, where your tavern card is good for a certain amount of credit and is stamped each 5 euro increment as this credit is used. Cards will be available for sale at the tavern- payment can be made in cash only. We are also offering the opportunity to preorder your tavern cards via filling in the form. This will allow you to pay via PayPal, bank transfer, or Wise. After filling in the form, we will contact you to arrange payment, and your cards will be ready for you at gate when you check in.

Any credit balance left on your cards will be refunded via cash at the tavern (cash supply allowing) or via PayPal or bank transfer after the event (the tavern staff will help you with providing the info needed for the refund.) The tavern will also be hosting special events- look out for more information on this in the upcoming schedule!

A note regarding the site’s alcohol policy - the site allows us to bring our own alcohol to the event, this is not a problem. They only ask that we don’t conspicuously consume our own drinks at the bar areas - therefore we ask that you please don’t display your own cans/bottles of drinks at the bars openly, ensure your beverages are in suitable containers, etc. Thank you for your assistance with this!

Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help with anything - we look forward to welcoming you to 30 Year!