The Shire of Polderslot invites you to join us at a historic castle in Limburg, Netherlands to celebrate 30 years since Drachenwald became the SCA's 13th Kingdom!

Reservations closed on 23 April.

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Weather at the event

At the moment it looks as though we are in for a warm 30 Year, though thankfully it should cool off at night. View the Dutch weather forecast for Baarlo.

A Call for Royal Retainers

In order for the Royals to dutifully play Their part as Royalty, They need assistance. When you help out any Royals during an event you are helping Them play Their regal part and adding to the quality of everyone’s Dream. For that, we thank you.

Court Business

TLDR: For requesting audience in royal court at Drachenwald 30 year event, contact the heralds-in-charge at or

Unto all good gentles, wishing to bring matters before the Crown of Drachenwald and thus requesting an audience from their Majesties, greetings and salutations from the office of Herald in Charge.