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Ground floor
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First floor
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Second floor and attic
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The area around Baarlo
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Info on Local Walking Routes and Attractions

Fancy a walk?

If you want to stretch your legs and visit a place of interest in the neighbourhood, here are some suggestions.

In Baarlo there is another castle. Kasteel d’Erp (Baron Van Erplaan 1, Baarlo). It’s a 22 min. walk (one way, 1.9 km). If you exit the castle grounds, turn left and then right (Ingweg), you’ll walk straight towards it. It’s not open to the public, but can be viewed from the outside and there’s a small park around it.

Baarlo is a small town. Its main shopping street is small-scale, but cute. One shop of interest to some may be Slijterij Wijnhandel van Bergen (Grotestraat 28, open weekdays 09.00/9am-20.00/8pm, Saturday 09.00/9am-17.00/5pm, Sunday closed.). It sells wine and liquor and boasts about selling 360 kinds of whiskey.

If you exit the grounds, turn left and continue on that road, you can take a walk towards the ferry across the river Maas. At the end of the road, turn left (Vergelt) and you’ll be there shortly. (1.9 km. 23 min, 3 min by car). There is a nice restaurant MAES21 ( with a terrace overlooking the ferry crossing.

You can also cross the river. The ferry goes back and forth all the time untill 21.00 h (9pm). It costs 60 cents one way for pedestrians and 2.30 euro one way for a car.

Across the river is Steyl. A small town containing 3 monasteries, founded by Father Arnold Jansen (since 2003 a Saint). If you get off the ferry you can take a walk along the river or head into the town. There is a cafe nearby. If you turn left you come to the missionary house (not accessible, exept for the church) and, across the road, its extensive gardens/park. If you turn right you’ll come to a very nice Botanical Garden. Really worth a visit. Admission is 3 euros (voluntary) and there is also a cafe in the Garden. There are no shops in this part of the town.

If you fancy a swim, there is a waterpark nearby. Exit the grounds and turn right, cross the N273 and turn right into Vakantiepark De Berckt (app. 500 meters). Admission: 7.50 euros for children under 12 and 9.50 for adults (Opening hours: Sat 10.00/10am-17.00/5pm, Sun 10.00-16.00). There is also a public swimming pool at Drie Decembersingel 52, 5921 AC Venlo (7 minute drive or 50 minute walk from site), open from 12.00-18.00 Weds-Fri and Sunday, and 10-18 on Saturday.

There is a golf course next door for those who fancy a swing.