Wednesday Arrivals for Castle Guests, by Car Only

Parking directions for hotel guests
Parking for castle guests, Wednesday arrivals

As many people will be arriving on Wednesday, we’ve come up with a arrival procedure that will hopefully allow for a smooth traffic flow and allow everyone to unload and set up quickly without causing traffic jams:

Please drive to the entrance gate of the estate first. You’ll be met by someone who will tell you if you can proceed or if you have to wait a little, because it is too busy on site/there are too many cars unloading ahead of you. They will also tell you which route to take, depending on if you are staying in the hotel or camping.

Castle guests can then drive on a few meters to P4 and unload their luggage there. There will always be someone there to look after your things until you get back.

Proceed through the gates of the castle and follow the signs to parking 5, which is located 300 meters from the site.

You can then walk back to the castle and report at Gate to find out where your rooms are and collect your luggage.

If you are not alone in the car, you can drop your other passengers off near Gate before parking the car.

If you have only a small amount of stuff and would prefer to avoid driving this route, this is possible- please explain this to the person at the main entrance, and then you can proceed to park at P5 and bring your things to Gate to check in.

Wednesday Arrivals for Camping Guests, by Car Only

Parking directions for campers
Parking for campers, Wednesday arrivals

Please check in at main entrance and follow the instructions of the person at the main gate- you will follow a different route to unload and to park at P5, as marked on the map.

Thurs-Sat Arrivals Castle and Camping Guests, by Car Only

Arrival route
Arrival route Thurs-Sat

Upon arrival please park your car on the entrance road of the site near the golf club, marked as ‘P’ on the map. Proceed on foot (no need to take your things with you) and report at gate (if there is nobody there, there will be a walkie talkie to call someone.)

You can then proceed to the unloading areas (as marked on this map for castle guests, as marked on the WEds arrival map for campers) if there are not too many other cars there unloading. Please do not do this unannounced, because space there is very limited and the one access path very narrow, you can end up having to back your car out along narrow roads.

Unload your gear and before finding your room, please let the gatestaff know you want to park your car. They will give you the all clear to move your car back the way you came to P5, where you can park. Please note on Thurs-Sat you may not drive behind the Manor House, please follow the route for Sunday loading and departing.

Walk back, and proceed to your room.

If you have only a small amount of stuff, you can also park directly in P5 and wheel your suitcase over to gate to check in.

Sunday Departure Route for Castle Guests, by Car Only

Departure route for castle guests
Depature route for castle guests

Once you have cleared your room, please bring all your gear to P4 as marked on the map.

When you have your things together and are ready to load your car- and not before- please drive the same route over the courtyard you did upon arrival to bring your car to P4, and load your things there. Please don’t park your car at P4 and then go get your luggage as this will cause a traffic jam.

If you want to say goodbye to people after loading your car, please move your car back to P5 again, don’t leave it at P4 as you will block the loading space for other people.

Sunday Departure Route for Camping Guests, by Car Only

Departure route for campers
Departure route for campers

Please fully break down your camp, including tent, and have all your things ready to load before you get your car.

Drive the same route you did on arrival to the campsite.

Please load your things and leave the loading area as soon as possible, as others will be waiting. If you want to say goodbye to people, please park your car at P5 again. Don’t leave your car at the unloading area as you will block the route for other attendees.

Please do not drive behind the manor house on your way out, as that will be in use by another group.

Public Transport or Taxi Arrivals and Departures, All Days

If you are arriving by public transport, you can walk directly from the bus stop to Gate to check in, and upon departure can walk directly to the bus stop. Please let the event staff know if you need assistance.

If you are being dropped off by a taxi, it’s best to have the taxi drop you off at the main entrance, as the taxi might find it difficult to make its way back out of the site if they drive through. If you are being dropped off by taxi on Wednesday and have mobility related restrictions, please explain this to the person at the main entrance and they will explain the route to the taxi driver. If you are arriving Thurs-Sat via taxi and have mobility restrictions/need to be closer to Gate, please show the Thurs-Sat route to the driver so they can understand how to drop you off at/near Gate and depart.

For departures via taxi, it’s best to have the taxi meet you at the main entrance if possible. If you have mobility restrictions and need them to meet you closer please explain the above to them, or find Mistress Mariken or any Dutch speaker who can explain the route to the taxi driver if they call you and aren’t sure where to meet up.