7 Jun 2023

In order for the Royals to dutifully play Their part as Royalty, They need assistance. When you help out any Royals during an event you are helping Them play Their regal part and adding to the quality of everyone’s Dream. For that, we thank you.

Who can be a Lady-in-waiting / Lord-in-waiting / Noble-in-waiting (aka Royal retainer)?

Anyone! Regardless if this is your first event or your hundredth.

What kind of assistance does a Royal retainer need to provide?

It varies depending on who has the role of a Royal in our society but mostly it means carrying things, washing feast gear (dishes and cutlery), delivering messages and sometimes companionship.

We have about 110 shifts to cover so that the Royals can do their job. And rather than a few doing a lot, we’d like to see as many of you as possible taking a shift, to spread the load. So let us know your availability!

Come and help us make the Dream come to life.

Yours in service,
THL Gele Pechplumin
Mistress Ragnell Caxtone
Royal Liaisons