9 Jun 2023

At the moment it looks as though we are in for a warm 30 Year, though thankfully it should cool off at night. View the Dutch weather forecast for Baarlo.

Temperatures are forecast to be in the mid to high 20s ˚C/low to mid 80s ˚F during the day, cooling down to ~15 to 16˚C/low 60s ˚F at night.

The site has a lot of trees and shade cover, but please make sure you take care of yourself. Drink plenty of water/sports drinks/electrolytes, make sure you eat enough, wear sunscreen, cover your head, and take a break if you feel you are getting overheated. If you experience symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion please follow these instructions from the NHS (move them to a cool place, remove all unnecessary clothing/armour, get them to drink a sports/rehydration drink or water, cool their skin.) If symptoms do not improve please find a member of the event staff or Duchess Isabetta.

The site is surrounded by open water, and this means there will be mosquitoes - please make sure you bring bug spray.

The windows of the bedrooms do open, however please note there are no screens over them.

There is a short 1-2 minute walk between the building with the bedrooms and activity rooms, and the building where court and meals will be. Please make sure you have a wrap/cloak/some sort of cover if you feel you will need this in case of cooler weather or rain for this walk.