7 Jun 2023

TLDR: For requesting audience in royal court at Drachenwald 30 year event, contact the heralds-in-charge at dugi@iki.fi or moira@iki.fi.

Unto all good gentles, wishing to bring matters before the Crown of Drachenwald and thus requesting an audience from their Majesties, greetings and salutations from the office of Herald in Charge.

As all must know, these celebrations will have a busy programme and their Majesties and Highnesses of the Albion Throne wish to serve our people and the attendants well, by having a well planned and well scheduled courts. Nice courts, well ran courts.

For this purpose, let it be known that all good gentles wishing to do business with them, let us know of this in advance. As there are many courts, with many many court heralds, the heralds in charge are attending to the court business ahead of time.

So, if in need of an audience to gift, to beg, or to do homage to our Crown, hesitate no longer, but contact either Master Dubhghall (Henri Laine) or Mistress Memorantia (Maria Laine), Schwarzdrachen Herald, at the earliest.

We can be reached by email, dugi@iki.fi or moira@iki.fi.”