Reservations update

Double and dorm beds are now full

Reservations open on Thursday

Get ready to book for Drachenwald 30 Year.

Reservations open soon

Reservations open for Drachenwald’s 30th Year Celebration and Coronation on 8 Dec at 19:30 CET – a mere two weeks from today!

Thoughts on pricing

When we began looking for a site for our bid for Drachenwald’s 30th Anniversary, we knew we wanted something special that could do justice to the event we were imagining. Thankfully we found that in Kasteel de Berckt – an amazing historical site with a range of accommodation options, amenities such as included bedding/towels at no extra cost that would make our attendees’ lives easier, and even professional cooks familiar with cooking medieval food who will cook our meals for us. This allows those attendees who usually volunteer a lot of time in the kitchen to instead join other event activities and enjoy some well-deserved rest!

Polderslot welcomes you...

The Shire of Polderslot invites you to join us for a four day long event at a historic castle in Limburg, Netherlands to celebrate 30 years since Drachenwald became the SCA’s 13th Kingdom!

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