7 Dec 2022

Bookings for Drachenwald 30 Year open on THURSDAY. For the exact time visit the registration page.

Here are some things to do to be ready when they open:

  1. Work out how many days you’re staying, and in what type of accommodation. You can attend the event from Friday to Sunday, including a bed, for as little €70 (less for children.) If you want to attend for more days or would like a room with a little more privacy, you can do that too. See the pricing table.
  2. Have a think about who you’d like to share with. If you’re determined to stay together as a group, make sure that everyone knows to book the same type of accommodation (dorm, 3-5 bed room or double room.)
  3. Bookings will be confirmed in the order of receipt of payments/deposits, NOT in order of filling in the form, so think about how you’ll send your payment. If you’re in the Eurozone, you may be able to make a free or nearly free transfer with your bank. Outside that, consider using a service like Wise (formerly Transferwise).
  4. If there’s something you’d like to volunteer to do at the event – teach a class, run a practice, marshal – let us know that too. We’ll have period food but won’t need kitchen crew for this event, so cooks, this is your moment to relax and enjoy the event!

We’re really looking forward to welcoming you all to Polderslot next year, and can’t wait to see you.