31 May 2023

A schedule of activities to be held at the Drachenwald 30 Year celebration is now available on-line.

All types of activities and information are listed in the schedule, from meal times to classes to tourneys. Many activities such as classes feature a description along with a teacher profile.

The schedule can be viewed according to time, venue and activity category by selecting different filters. You can register on the Sched.com site and then create a personal calendar based on the activities you select. Download the Sched.com app to view the schedule on your mobile device. Printing and many social media options are also available.

If you have questions about how to use the features on the Drachenwald 30 Year Schedule site, please see the Sched attendee guide.

If you or your group would still like to have a meeting, activity or party to be displayed on the schedule, please contact me at dw30yearsched@gmail.com. Please give me the activity name, date, start and end times, location, host’s name and activity description.

Questions about the schedule can be sent via email to me at dw30yearsched@gmail.com.

Yours in service,

Margaret de Mey
30 Year Event Schedule Coordinator