Unfortunately, no. We've kept the price as low as we possibly can, up to and including a significant subsidy on the entry price of a bunk in a dorm bed or camping for adults, and for camping, dorm, and beds in the 3 to 5 bed rooms for children. Because of the budget and the way the site charges us, we're unable to also provide a family cap on top of this.

It's per person. At the moment we're not planning on allowing people to reserve rooms solely for themselves as we're hoping to fill as many beds as possible, and the budget doesn't allow for it while also maximising capacity.

Yes! We'll have more details on this soon, but you'll be able to reserve whichever category you like without worrying about finding a roommate, or filling the room completely. You can also tell us if you'd like to room with someone in particular, even if it won't fill the room – for example, if you reserve a bed in a 3 to 5 bed room, you don't need to tell us 2 to 4 other people you'd like to room with; you can just say one or two and we'll fill the rest!

Most bedrooms are accessible by elevator, and we have doubles and 3 to 5 bed rooms on the ground floor if preferred. You'll be able to request this when making your reservation.

Within a few days of you booking, we'll send an email with payment details. Spaces will be confirmed in order of payment/deposit received, not of filling in the form.